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Our Property - History

The impressive sugar cane mill that stands gloriously next to the Posada is the most intact and complete mill in Todos Santos. The rustic chimney with its grinding machinery and vats provides a magical and relaxing ambience.


The magical town of Todos Santos, which means “All Saints” was founded in 1723 by Father Jaime Bravo. The Sierra de la Laguna mountain range provided a steady water supply for the  cultivation of crops. The abundance of water and fertile soil in this oasis was the major reason of prosperity.


The town blossomed until the end of the century, when the mission was abandoned and the town nearly vanished.


Todos Santos reawakened during the mid-nineteenth century as a major brown sugar (panocha / piloncillo) producing area, exporting loads of sugar to the Mainland.


There were five “molinos” or sugar cane processing plants in Todos Santos, as evidence by the still standing large brick chimneys dotting the landscape.



✦ San Pablo: The first steam motor mill, which belonged to the Markerou brothers. Located on the property of Enrique Max Estrada, now known as “La Cachora” barrio.


✦ El Rinconcito: Owned by Don Jesus Amador


✦ El Cerro Verde: Owned by the Dominguez family


✦ La Central: Owned by Jose and Manuel Santana Villarino. Located in front of the hospital.


✦ El Progreso: Now known as “El Molino” was owned by Don Abraham Salgado Villalobos. The El Molino sugar cane mill is the most intact plant in Todos Santos located at Posada del Molino.


The sugar cane industry flourished until a great drought overtook the area in the early 1950’s. The water table dropped causing the sugar cane plantations to dry up. The town faded into near obscurity.


Then, a surprising phenomenon occurred in 1981; the water supply came back to life. Once again, the town began producing a large variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables.


Three years later, Highway Mexico 19 was paved between San Pedro and Cabo San Lucas, creating a doorway for tourists and outsiders for the first time. Since then, the population in Todos Santos has increased immensely. Now, Todos Santos has been chosen as one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos” (Magical Town) and it has transformed into a cultural and artistic oasis.

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